Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fight for Lauryn!

I have a different post for you today.

The is a very normal family  who have just had the devastating news that their two year old daughter/granddaughter has leukaemia The treatment is 35 - 40 days of chemo therapy, poor. poor little soul.
Now on a very practical note her family have to make it to the hospital all the time to be with her and they are going to be on such a tight budget and with this in mind the owner of the Outlawz, Colleen Holmes has started a donate button on the Outlawz and on Through the Craftroom Door (also her baby!) to help them. As a 'thank you' for donating there are some very cute digis that will be sent to you, I have made this card using one of them

What a beautiful image - the artists that have donated these images are Jellypark and the Stamping Boutique and these images are only available through the donation buttons for this sweet little girl.

The other image you will receive is this sweetie in both an outline and coloured version

 there are also some blog/FB buttons
I have posted the four together but you do get them singly.

I would love you all to go over to the Outlawz or Through the Craftroom Door and see the pictures of this little girl and the words from her family - it will melt your heart! Please while you're there leave a donation to help her family survive this ordeal - every penny counts so please, please leave anything you can afford!

Leukaemia is such an awful disease and even more so in one so young - I have had several friends in my life suffer with this and I went looking for some words to share with you about it and I found this wonderful poem, I am only posting the first part here but I have attached the web address so that you can go and read all of it, I found it inspiring!

There's a tiny world inside my bones. 
I learned of it one day, 
When some bullies came to visit 
And decided  they would stay.
Before they came, this little world, 
Was happy as could be, 
With platelet cells and red blood cells  
And white ones having tea.
These little cells inside my bones 
Grew up and worked each day. 
They traveled in my blood stream, 
Making sure I felt OK.
The white blood cells were body-guards, 
Protecting me from germs. 
They used to know some special tricks 
That made invaders squirm.
The red blood cells were round and strong, 
And carried on their backs, 
The oxygen my body needs 
To play and to learn facts.
The platelet cells were sticky friends, 
In charge of making clots. 
I’d cut my hand or scrape my arm, 
They’d make the bleeding stop.

Well that’s the way it used to be 
Before the bullies came. 
I hadn’t met this inside world. 
I knew nobody’s name.

You will find the rest of it here.

Thanks for visiting and please pop over to one of the above sites to support this little darling!

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